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Monday, 13 June 2011

This is new/Albion hills

Hey everyone,
So i decided to finaly make a blog!!! it was pretty simple :P So we'll see how this all turns out.

So O-cup #4 just went down yesterday at Albion Hills conservation area and it was pretty sweet, not a bad race either.  The course was so much fun, i loved it.  It was full of nice climbs, fun descents, awesome singletrack (lost of burmed corners), just tones of fun in general!!  The race went pretty good. 
1st lap was sweet, i started out very strong, following the leaders in a train of about 6 guys, just flying through the course.  this was so cool, leading up to the race i had seen picture of people riding in trains and i thought man i would love to ride the race in a train of a couple guys (because it always sucks when you have to ride the race on your own).  So i held onto them for most of the first lap.  Then Elliot Galbraith started to slow down a bit and i was behind him.  Unfortunatly Elliot DNFed this race, i think he wasn't feeling great(poor guy).  I could have passed him a little earlier then when i did, but i though if he has energy i dont want to waste mine yet.  But i notice he seemed a little off his game so i shot past him on an clamb and never saw him after that.  After that i was alone for the rest of the race.
Lap 2 was good still pushing my way through the race.  I cauht up to Justin who wasn't feeling good either.  Unfortunatly for him it wasn't his day for racing.
Lap 3 i started slowing down a bit, from getting tired and being alone.  Also my legs were starting to get sore, i could feel them on some of the climbs(especialy thoses rollers)
Lap 4 i was basically blowing up and trying not to blow up.  It started with that nasty climb through the feed, which just drains the life out of you.  The Micheal G-P caught up to me and passed me.  I held onto his tail for a bit.  Then we reached the sandy switch back climb, and i just blew up.  I had no energy and my legs were starting to cramp.  I decided then that i would stop trying to catch him and pass him, because i knew it wouldn't work.  The rest of the lap i was on my own again and i was tired.  My legs were cramping on the climbs, i was getting a little slopy with my technique ( but i still did okay in the single track).
Overall a solid race, could have probably kept my 6th place finish but i had a couple slip ups throughout the race that could have been avoid that lost my a fair bit of time.  Oh well after racing every weekend straight since Uxbridge my body is starting to take the toll on races.  Now i get to train again.  Lake to Lake is this weekend, but it will be more of a training race.
Props to teamates Andrew on his 8th place finish in Elite, to Meg on the 2nd in cadet Ex. and Sara at second at the K-W road race.  Great job Guys!!!

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