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Thursday, 28 July 2011

12 mile # 5 (2 for me)

hey guys,
so 12 mile #5 was yesterday, it was fun and went pretty well.  Finished in a tie for second place with teamate Justin.  The run didn't go as well as it has before and i fell behind a bit.  Then i got on my bike and stated to go.  Started to sit in to a pack but then realized that Justin and Andrew were on their own up ahead so it was time for me to jump up to them.  Caught up and had no problem holding on and working with them.  I could have pulled but i just didn't, dont really know why.  Then got into the trails and i was third behind Andrew and Justin.  Things were going good.  Then we got to the gravel road again and JC went for a pull, i sat in behind him then desided to jump him right before the single track but so did justin and he's a little faster sprinter so he won it.  For the rest of the race it went sort of like that.  Then we had a sprint to the finish and we tied on the corner of the bridge.
I feel like i could have pushed harder but i was stuck behind justin.  He started to get tired and i noticed.  However he still had enough punch to beat me in the sprints.  Good race, lots of fun, looking forward to Canal days and having a great race there, and the next 12 mile.

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