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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Canal Days

Another great time spend riding up in th Hood.  So on the weekend Shorthill Cycling Club held their annual Canal Days Mountain Bike Race.  As always it was a blast, sweet course, great riders and a fun race.  Unfortunately my race turnd into a duathlon :P  as my deraileur got nocked out of place, not really sure what happened but it happened.  Oh Well!!
The race started out well solid start then we got into the trails, wasn't were oi wanted to be but whatever i was fine with that because it was a just for fun race.  We got to mud lake and JC and myself started to make some fround on the next guys.  We workd together for the first lap until the seconf lap he flatted.  Then i was alone, doing ok holding a solid pace.  Then my deraileur went about 3ish kilometers from the finish.  So i started to run, but then after no one had caught me after a while i thought maybe i can still come in second place even while runing so i started to push a bit.  Steve ended up catching me in the lap km.  BUt i still managed to make third place.
Solid race lots of fun, really technical course.  Congratz to Andrew on his second victory on this course and to Katlyn on an excellent race.

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