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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Read Week Bike Camp in Georgia!!!

So its read week and a few guys from Guelph and me decided to go to the States for some good old solid biking hours!  So now we're here in Dahlonega, Georgia.  Its pretty sweet down here, really big mountains which are pretty sweet!!  We drove down friday night-saturday morning stopped at home and got a nice Lasagna meal :) Mmmm yum.  So when we got here we went and did some shopping and then we were off for a ride.  We went and did a nice 3ish hour ride.  Man the mountain caught me off guard definitely.  i guess i was used to the escarpment where the hill last maybe 5 mins at most.  But these are like 20-45mins climbs!!! and some pretty solid climbs too.  But it was cool, was a little tired from a lack of sleep.

So today was a rainy day, so we decided that today would be a great day for a mountain bike ride :)  We found an old US mtb national course!  it was really muddy but really fun.  rode around and goofed off, so much fun.  Unfortunately Alex's wore out his breaks completely and had to leave at around maybe an hour in.  So its was Chris and me for the rest of our 3hour mtb ride.  We were flying goofing around and have a grand old time, as we always do.
This is going to be a fun week

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