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Monday, 17 October 2011

long time since i've been here!!!!

Wow, i have a blog, i forgot about the :P
not really, but man it has been a very long time since i has posted on here!!!
So since the last time i posted, i started university, in biomedical engineering, i raced the provincial championships at duntroon, i've raced the entire U-cup mountain bike series, and trained up here in Guelph.
Provincial championships, didn't go as planned unfortunately, but thats ok, such is life.  Unfortunately i bonked at this race.
The U-cups have been awesome, we had them at Mansfield, Boler Mountain, Hardwood, and Ganaraska forest (yesterday).  These races are a hoot and a half, lots of fun, some really good competition and a great bunch of people to have fun with.  In the series i think i finished top 5 overall.  the first race i was sick, so i finished 7 or 8th i think, the next one i finished finished 8then, then the next two in 4th.  With the last race being a sprint finish only seconds behind 2nd.
Now my season is finally over, man that was a long season, but thats fine by me, i love doing what i did.
I'm excited for next years season and will hopefully crush it.  For now i get to realx for a bit and start training for next year.  Maybe throw a few Cyclocross races in there for kicks.
catch ya later

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