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Monday, 16 June 2014

Lake To Lake

Well What can I say, it was a Good Day!! Lake to Lake went really well for me this year! So i rode last year's course the day before and was it ever muddy!! The trails were not in good shape: muddy and ruts everywhere!!  Needless to say i was nervous coming into the race, i knew Corey was strong this year and he was good in mud.  The night before i tried a new recovery drink : Rumble.  It worked great and tasted awesome! I recommend it to everyone!

SO race day i got there and got a nice warm up in, in the beautiful weather in my new Honey Maxx jersey ( I was racing as team Honey Maxx this race).  We had to line up really early which kind of sucked but was smart from the incident at last year's race(check out this facebook video:
So off the start Lefebvre took the lead and lead us up the hill.  At the top i attacked hard because i wanted to be the first one in the single tract.  Then at the first corner there were a bunch of hikers that got in our way, so we had to slow down a bit.  Corey was close on my wheel now, so i attacked hard for the next little while punching the pace at every moment I could!  Slowly i started to open up a gap.  For the rest of the race i kept attacking and attacking to grow my gap and it worked i had a solid lead at the end, winning the race!! I felt really good throughout this race! legs felt good and the trails were not as bad as I expected them to be.  I had a lot of fun on the course, definitely the best course they've done so far, highlighted some of the best trails in Niagara.  Looking forward to the rest of the races this season, feeling good!!  Looking forwards to next year's lake to lake as well should be fun, everyone should come out!!

Special thanks to Tom Freure from Honey Maxx for hooking me up for this race.

Here's some pics:
 Nice clean new kit, ready to race!

Crossing the finish line (photo from Digital Sports Photography)

podium shot: Eric Jobin (L), Me, and Corey Brioshi (R)


  1. of course your parents will be your first commentators. but we're proud. I think the newspaper should do a follow-up article from last year's, showing how determined you were this year not to make any tactical errors. Great job! Way to go!