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Monday, 16 June 2014

Race, Race, Race!!

Hey Everybody

These are a bit delayed but I have done a few races since my last post!!  I will try to touch, briefly, on all of them!  So where do I start!

Mont-Tremblant Canada-cup:  Craziest race in a long time!! so much mud! The course was really cool, had a lot of fun preriding the day before with everyone! The start was delayed and super hard, i felt like i was pedalling backwards. The race didn't go so well my brake wasn't working and i got a flat after the first lap (just when i start to get into a rhythm and feeling good).

Huge Starting Field at Tremblant!

Mansfield O-Cup #2:  This was a really good race! Great time camping out with the wolfpak boys. Race day came and i was feeling nervous, legs were unsure(which usually is a good thing!).  I got a call up to the line it was pretty cool!!(mostly because the top 10 were away at the Canada cup in BSP. The start was good i took it easy on the climb and attacked hard at the top on the flats and single tracts.  Worked my way up to 4th by the end of the first lap and then duking it out for 2nd for the next lap and a half.  On the third lap i screwed up (silly mistake) and had to counter the 2nd place riders attack to try and catch back on, but burnt a couple too many matches and blew up just before the last lap.  Rolled in in 8th, still my best race yet.

Manfield's "exit wound"

Sir Sam's O-cup #3:  Wicked course!! I love it there, SO beautiful!!!  Great time preriding and watching the Eliminator race! The race was ok, however I didn't have the legs this time, I was a diesel engine: I had one speed and one speed only. Still managed to pull of a 15th place race!! The best parts of the weekend were swiming at the beach, and rapids with a bunch of other racers and hanging out with Katlyn, Elyse and Joan at the cottage.

Photo Credit to Joan Dundas, Hannah Clarke,

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