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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tuesday nighter

So another succesfull tuesday nighter yesteray at kelso riding the O-Cup course.  The course was sweet.  i love the entire ting (even the long climb up accension)  The race went very well pulled another victory out of my pocket there yesterday.
Started out strong up the first little climb in the lead, then i looked back and saw i was already starting to put a gap on.  When i saw that i was like alright i guess i'm going for the win right off the gun. ( i wasn't really planing on doing that but it's how i seemend to go).  The climb went well, felt good and strong and i wasnt spining out like last time.  Tyler Macdonald caught up to me on the climb but at the top and in the singletrack i dropped him.  After that it was me on my own racing away trying to get away and build a bigger lead (just like last years O-cup), and i kept on thinking i was hearing someone catching up.  it help my for sure go faster, even though no one was there.  Finished the race and still felt i had energy to spare, which is prbably a good thing, that tells me i'm ready for four laps at junior ex speed.  It's going to be a crazy, but awesome race this weekend.  This is my course, i love it and have always done well here, hopefully i can repeat that again this year!!!

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  1. hahah! love it: "pulled another victory out of my pocket" -- you would say that! xoxo