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Monday, 8 August 2011

need indestructable bike!! :P

Hey guys,
So i've decided that i am going to hire a team of researchers and mechanics to make me an indestructable bike thats light weight and awesome!!  haha, i wish
The Kelso O-Cup was this past weekend and as you can maybe guess i had a mechanical, my chain broke.  The race, the part i did, went great, the start was ok a little off what i wanted but still fine.  I was a little slow on the first decent/corner because i hadn't done that at race pace because the tuesday nighters went straight down instead of around.  The went well felt good and strong.  In the trails i started to pick people off one at a time unstil i caught up to Etzl and was on his tail (he was third i was forth) but i was ready to pass him because he was slower in the trails then me so i was getting ready to do that when we came to a sharp left then up a hill and my chain snaped, ending my race.  I was bumed about it, Kelso was MY course and it was going to be my race, i felt fantastic and was going to crush it.  It sucks but oh well what can you do.

Looking forward to the Provincial knowing that i can put up a good fight with some of those guys now.  That will be an exciting race.

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  1. That Sucks dude but life goes on/is short

    Change your font!